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Welcome to my personal website! I'm Shiva (pronounced shee-vaa), a machine learning (ML) engineer currently working for Booz Allen Hamilton. My interests include ML, natural language processing (NLP) and fairness in Artificial Intelligence (fair AI).


I have conducted research on how human biases can be learned by and perpetuated through artificially intelligent systems under the supervision of prof. Aylin Caliskan. My work involves designing techniques to detect, evaluate and mitigate harmful biases from static and contextual word embeddings such as GPT models which will eventually help with bias mitigation in nlp down-stream applications.
My research has won "the best student research award in computer engineering and machine learning" in GW research showcase 2021 and has been featured in CAPWIC 2021.

My Resume


I have numerous hobbies when I'm not coding or reading CS articles. I enjoy building lego sets, playing video games, and reading about history, particularly the history of the United States and England. I am also a huge fan of astronomy and astrophysics, and I enjoy working with my Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope!

Relevant Coursework

Below is a list of some of the computer sciecne classes I have taken while at GW:

Course Number Course Title Semester
CSCI 6212 Design & Analysis of Algorithm Fall 2021
CSCI 6331 Cryptography Fall 2021
CSCI 6444 Big Data and Analytics Spring 2021
CSCI 6461 Computer Architecture Spring 2021
CSCI 6907 Neural Networks Fall 2020
CSCI 6907 Natural Language Processing Fall 2020
CSCI 6907 Bias in Artificial Intelligence Spring 2020
CSCI 3907/6907 Augmented and Virtual Reality Spring 2020
CSCI 6364 Machine Learning Fall 2019
CSCI 4341/6341 Continuous Algorithms Spring 2019
CSCI 3410 Systems Programming Spring 2019
CSCI 3411 Operating Systems Fall 2018
CSCI 2541W Databases Spring 2018
CSCI 2312 Discrete Structures II Spring 2018
CSCI 2113 Software Engineering Fall 2017
CSCI 1311 Discrete Structures I Spring 2017